Tuesday, February 16, 2021

மீ டூ காலம்! என்னடி எப்படி இருக்க? (50)

Corona virus in India! Big mistake!

Indians seem to think, it is all over and that we outfought the virus! Not many cases around us, they say! People are making fun if someone is wearing a mask!!

The problem is..

It happened in Italy, Spain. It went up and came down for few months. After a break the second infection started much more aggressively. It killed much more people than people got killed during the first infection.

Same thing happened in France!

Same thing happened in USA!

Same thing  happened in UK! 

Germany, Russia! 

That's the trend we saw. 

India is not an exception to that?!

People in India "overlooking" that. Reason could be for survival. It is hard to shut down everything and live. It is impossible? If that is the case, I understand.

If you think that it is over. Then you are making a big mistake!

It is quite possible India will have a HUGE number of cases and DEATHS soon. I wish I am wrong!

It is your life! Live happily or die "bravely"!

Who am I to advise you to live or die?!! Yeah, it is your life!


"என்னடி கரோ! எப்படி இருக்க?"



"Ha ha ha"

" How did you learn Tamil, bitch?"

 "Vani taught me"

"That bitch!"

"Dont call everyone as bitch. Your bitch is just me" 

" What else she taught you?"

"She taught me how to keep love life interesting"

"How is that?"

 "I cant reveal everything to you. It is between girls."

"You talk about sex with her?"

"Ha ha ha"

"I can never talk about sex with another guy. It is impossible"

"Really?!! Why?"

"I dont know. Is that weird?"

I dont know. Probably not"

"What did she taught you?" 

"She explained me why Indian marriages are not breaking and such"

"Ha Ha ha. Thats funny"

"It is not"

"That was history, Caro. WAKE UP!  It is all fucked up now!"


" Today, everything got fucked up in India. Once women got financial independence in India, Indian marriages are fragile. Women want to be fooling around, drink, smoke just like fucking men. "


"They earned their financial freedom you see! They try making a good contribution to fuck up the Indian culture. Honestly marrying a white chick would be better than marrying a half-baked Indian bimbo"

"Oh, that's why you are behind my ass?"

"Of course, now you have got a reason for dumping me?"

"Fuck you!"

"I have a question"

"About Vani?"

"No, it is about biology"


"Lately there is a conspiracy theory that Covid-19 is a man-made virus"

"Ha Ha Ha Made in China. Right?"

"The chinese say it was made in USA. Let us not worry about that. How do you make a virus in the lab?"

"Good question!"

"I want answer bitch!"

"I really dont know whether they will make it from a scratch or mutate another virus"

"I tried to look it up. It is unclear to me"

"I think they try to introduce few harmful genes in a virus"

"I see. Let us see the russian vaccine Sputnik V"

"Sputnik V?"

"Did you know the Russian vaccine works well and people in the west now accepting that Russian did not lie about it?"


"There was an article in British journal or something?"

"Who said that?"


The Russian coronavirus vaccine, Sputnik V, was 92 percent effective at preventing symptomatic illness in a large clinical trial, robust protection that puts it in line with top vaccines developed in the United States and Europe, according to results published in a peer-reviewed journal Tuesday.

 "So? It works?"

"Thats what the experts say now!"

"It really does work?"

"Yes, it does Caro! Any way, let me get to the point. You know Sputnik vaccine has AD-23 and ADS and both of them are harmless viruses"


"They added the gene which can make the spike protein of Covid-19 into the genome of AD-23 and ADS" 


"OK, Can I say,  AD-23 and ADS are now genetically modified viruses? Does it make any sense?"

"It does"

"The same strategy can be used to make new "Covid-19"!"

'Nobody has any proof supporting that man-made virus claim"

"Idk, some people believe it was made in China. Some scientist from west believe"

"It does not matter. We have to get the vaccine and we got"

"Did you get your second dose of pfizer vaccine?"


"You might get mild fever?"

"Did you get?"

"No, I did not. My upper arm was sore, thats all"

"Then why would I get fever for the second dose?"

"Most of the people get fever, Caro"

"Why did not you get?"

"You know what? I strongly believe I got infected by Covid-19 in the very beginning itself?"


"I think this virus was around from Jan 2020. We started realizing only in the beginning of March 2020"

"If you were infected already?"

"If I was infected by this virus already, my immune system already dealt with spike protein and it is not new to my immune system. So, Vaccine might not have a huge effect"

"Idk, it is hard to say"

"Indians claim they achieved herd immunity"

"Really? Is it possible?"

"I think it is quite possible. It is hard to control the spread of virus in India They are trying to justify why they have less cases unlike west"

"So ? Indian has achieved herd immunity?"

"Idk, Caro. We have to wait and see.It is puzzling to me. No matter what, we cant do anything about it."


"Why dont you invite the chick, Vani?"


"I want to tell her not to lie to you about how great Indian culture is"

"So? You want to take her on, and harass her?"

"NO! I just want to open her eyes and  see the world"

"No, I am not going to introduce her to you!"


"Because you may annoy her and she will break up my friendship"

"Come on!"

-to be continued

Relax please