Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ஆங்கில கடலை கார்னர் (59)- (18 + மட்டும்)

முன்னுரை: இந்த அத்தியாயம் (59) முழுவதும் ஆங்கிலத்தில் எழுதவேண்டியதாகிவிட்டது. மன்னிக்கவும்!


"Hi, Stacy! What's up?"

"Where is she?"


"You know who!"

"Brindha? I believe she called in sick, today!'

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know know, may be she is extremely horny and so..called in sick!"

"LOL. That is not how you overcome that."

"Really? It is a girly thing. How would I know?"


"Why don't you call her and ask and, help her if you can?"

"Help her?"

"I mean call her and ask."

"I left a message. She texted me back saying she just took off and she is fine. There is something fishy!"

"Anyway, let us get to business. How did the procedure work?"

"You are not going to like it."

"Try me."

"Your procedure says you got a single product but I see a tiny bit of another one too!"

"May be I lied."

"What do you mean?"

"May be I overlooked the minor impurity, Stacy! Could you purify and get a pure material?"

"Yes! "

"So your product is purer than what I got?"

"The spectrum looks fucking great! I mean very clean!"

"That's impressive, Stacy!"

"I thought you are going to get mad at me!"

"For what? For making an improvement?"

"For falsifying your claim!"

"I did not manipulate anything. So, I am not guilty here."

"That sounds reasonable."

"So now you think you are better than me, huh?"

"Where is it from?"



"Anyway, may be I was bit sloppy. I am not a fool Stacy to claim that I am better than you all the time just because I have more experience than you!'"

"But I would do that!"

"You are an big ass American living with a notion that you are the best in the world!"

"LOL, Are you not a citizen yet?"

"Even if I become a citizen, I wont look like you with a nice ass and, neither would I act cocky like you do!"

"LOL, you are getting obsessed with my butt!'

"Hey! I did not mean it. I meant the first generation immigrants wont be quite the Americans"!"


"I don't know but that is the how it is. It will change only in the second generation. They will act just like you are!"

"How did your big meeting go this morning?"

"Was OK. They are happy with the progress we are making. May be we will sure get a raise if not a promotion."

"That's cool."

"You want to hear a story about an Indian marriage?"

"Of course, tell me!"

"This guy I know him for years. He was a single for a long time and I guess he looked for some girl, may be a white chick in this country. But nothing worked out for him after trying for years. So, finally two years ago he went to India and got married."

"An arranged marriage?"

"Yes, a typical arranged marriage. Married someone in his caste and had a big wedding in India. He also sent me an invitation. I could not go as it was in India."


"The pity is, he could not bring his wife with him as he has a green card but his wife is from India, never lived or worked here. So, she needs to wait for few years to accompany him."

"Why is that?"

"It is easy to bring your life-partner in H1 visa as H4 dependent. But if you have a green card, the process is more complicated. May be because those days the green-card holders abused the system. They used marriage for making money or something, I have heard. So, it is best to marry someone who has a green-card which he did not do"

"Why cant he find someone here?"

"He tried, but it did not work out. Finally he settled for an arranged marriage."

"When will his wife accompany him?"

"I thought it would happen in a year or two. But, here is the interesting part of the story. Now he says, he is going through a divorce with her! You believe that?"

"They have been married for how long?"

"May be 18 months or so but they were together for may be a maximum of 40 days or so?"

"Why is he divorcing her?"

"I dont know. Since he had a green card, we were all suggesting him to find and marry someone with a green card or at least one who lives in US. He never listened and now, he is blaming her and her family for his stupidity! He may have slept with her few times- as he is married, in the past 18 months while visiting her and all. Now he is going through a divorce. I really dont know the facts. I dont believe whatever he says. I hear only from his side. He blames his wife and her family saying blah blah blah."

"You think it is his fault?"

"Of course. He is full of shit. He is not going to admit that he really fucked up by taking a bad decision. I know him, he is very very selfish. He never listens to anybody. I think it must be all about money and the girl's family and family bullshit. I dont think they knew the fact that he cant bring her to US immediately."

"How does the divorce work?"

"I dont know how the fuck it works in this particular case as he is here and she is in India. I am told he hired a lawyer from India to get a divorce. It must be complicated, I guess. He is divorcing her for sure. What a fuck-up in the name of marriage! He could have been better-off if jerked off instead of getting married like this."

"LOL So, he is available now?"

"Yeah, you want to date him, on-line? He lives in Boston! "

"He looks like a loser!"

"I am not sure how easily he can get a divorce either!"

"He can."

"But he might have to pay a big price"

"If he gets it, what does his wife get from him?"

"I think if he is asking for the divorce, he owes her a lot, right?"

"That is what happens here. But I am not sure how things work in India."

"I would be happy if he has to send half of his salary all his life!"

"You hate him that much? You dont know the other part. His wife and her family may be worse. I had been in several relationships. They did not work out. He failed one. What is the big deal?"

"First of all you did not marry anybody right, unlike this moron?"

"I did not."

"Any of your relationships last very long?"

"I lived with Bill for 3 years or so. We liked each other and it went on fine. He was kind of feeling like that I am forcing him to marry me or something, and he moved out one day. It was kind of hard even if I think about it."

"He broke your heart?"

"It was hard then."

"So what do you mean by you lived together, exactly?"

"It was more like room-mate. We shared our expenses. It was like, he took care of his expenses and I did mine. But you know we were doing things together. We were there for each other."

"So, room-mates with sex in the agreement?."


"That is what it is. Right?"

"You could say that."

"Who broke up?"

"I think it was him who initiated but then I kept a period when he tried to call me."

"You get so emotional. You must have loved him?"

"Yes we did love each other but somehow it did not work out. I think he was not ready for a big commitment."

"Is he dating others now?"

"Yes, he does. But I try not to think about him. It hurts."

"You know in India, people generally dont live with several people and marry one of them. So, it is less complicated."

"Then why did not this work out for your friend."

"It works out for many. He is a moron! Let us get back to work!"

"OK, Kannan. I need to call Brindha later and talk to her!"

-to be continued


Sinna said...

enna varun, reactions-la 'Mokkai'-nu onnu vaikkave illai. enna pannarathu naangellam?


வருண் said...

sinna: I did not realize that either! LOL. Let me see whether I can add them too :)))