Thursday, August 27, 2009

ஆர் யு இன் லவ் வித் ஹிம்? -கடலை கார்னர் (13)

"So what's up, Stacy?"

"How are you feeling now, Brindha?"

"I think I am fully recovered"

"OK, I have to return some calls. I will let you girls gossip freely!"

"As if you dont gossip Kannan? You are the worst of all!"

"OK, OK, OK, I am the worst of everything, Brindha. See you later, Stacy"

"OK Kannan!"

"Hey! It was lot of fun past friday, shopping with Kannan in Devon street"

"Just shopping only, right?"

"Yeah, we had dinner too in an Indian restaurant"

"You did! Where else did you guys go?"

"Just bought a Saree and blouse cloth and a petticoat too. The blouse is being stitched now. Will you help me, Brindha, when I want to wear the Saree? "

"Of course. Why did not you ask Kannan to help you with that too?"

"I asked him but he says he does not know how. LOL! But, he said he can help me with other stuff"

"Other stuff? Like what?"

"He said he can help me with stuff like how to wear my underwears and petticoat but just can't help only with saree"

"He really told that to you THAT?"

"LOL. It was just a joke, Brindha"

"I dont believe you!"

"Then DONT"

"I dont see why should not you ask him to help you wearing your petticoat?"

"OK, if you insist I will ask him to help me with that. But only you can help me with Saree"

"OK deal!"

"Hey! when I was buying the petticoat, they made the measurements in my front. From my hip to toes. When they were going to get that size, Kannan suggested me to get 2 inches longer than what they measured. I asked him why. He murmurmered "the reason" in my ear and that cracked me up, I was laughing out loudly, the shopkeepers were stairing at us"

"What did he say?"

"He said your length in the back would be longer and so you should go for 2 inches more. LOL"

"hmm that.."

"Hey! Prasad asked me out?"


"Yeah, but I said, No"


"He is such a moron. You know what he did?"


"He was struggling in one of the projects. He came to Kannan for a discussion as he was stuck. Kannan broguht him over to me and asked me to give him a correct reference to resolve his problem since I have done similar thing. I did give him. Using that procedure he tried, it worked all great. But in the group meeting he did not even say a word about me or Kannan who guided him! He talks as if he himself resolved it. What a bone-head he is!"

"He is smart"

"Nope he is not. He is a moron!"


"If he is smart, he would have acknowledged us properly. He would lose nothing by doing that. We all learn from each other. Now he gets all the "dick-head certificates" because of his "filthy ethics"!"

"Is that why Kannan hates him?"

"Nope, there must be much more for his hatred"

"May be he does not like him flirting with you, Stacy"

"You think so? I like this better, Brindha! LOL"

"Why did you take Kannan to your apartment, anyway?"

"What! You are double-checking everything he tokd you or what?"

"Tell me why"

"You know why. LOL!"

"I dont know"

"Why would a girl do such a thing?"

"Why would she?"

"Because I trust him. He is a gentleman. Hey, it is funny, he claims that he is still a virgin! LOL"

"He bragged you about that too?"

"Why are you getting so jealous and nosey now? I just made up lot of stuff just to tease you"

"Which one you made up?"

"Are you in love with him, Brindha?"

"oh NO!"

-to be continued

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