Monday, September 7, 2009

SHUT UP Kannan! -கடலை கார்னர் (17)

“ஸ்டெய்ஸிதான் கண்ணன்”

“ஹாய் ஸ்டெய்ஸி”

“What a surprise, Kannan! Why didn't you pick up the phone, Brindha?”

“I thought it was a just a casual call, Stacy”

“It is but I went and got the Saree and blouse from that shop. I want to try it right now! I am sorry if I came in an awkward time, guys”

“Not at all. You know what? I can help you too, Stacy”

“yeah, kaNNan, you can help me wear the petticoat. LOL!”

“Did you get a matching panties too, Stacy? LOL”

“Of course! LOL”

“SHUT UP, Kannan!”

“Hey! He is only joking, Brindha! Take it easy”

“OK, OK, OK, sorry if crossed the line. I better get going, Stacy”

“Why? I want you to tell me how I look in Saree”

“Nope, I have to be going Stacy. I was getting ready to leave. Some other time I will check you out, OK?”

“OK, Kannan!”

“பார்க்கலாம் கண்ணன். தேங்க்ஸ் ஃபார் எவ்வெரிதிங்”

“See you both!”

-to be continued

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