Sunday, October 4, 2009

எதையும் மறக்க முடியவில்லை -கடலை கார்னர் (24)

"Hi Stacy!"

"Hello KannAn"

"You look beautiful today, Stacy"

"Thanks. What are you upto? It is flattering, indeed"

"I am honest as usual, Stacy"

"LOL, BTW, Why are you two not talking to each other, Kannan? You behave like Brindha is not here at all!"

"Oh Brindha! She is mad at me for a reason I dont know. She wont talk to me for a week. I let her be happy for a week. As a gentleman I respect her request!"

"Are you mad at Kannan, Brindha?"

"yeah" Brindha smiled.

"You guys are like kids. Not talking to each other for a week. Is that some kind of Indian thing? I never heard of a case like this. LOL"

"Hey! It is not me who wanted to do. If she says so, what do you want me to do? Force her to talk to me? That is not my type"'

"Why are you mad at him, Brindha?"

"It is personal, Stacy, please?"

"OK, I dont want to get into that. You both are grownups. I did not know you Indians are crazy"

"I will see you later, Stacy" Brindha left from there.

"So, whats up Stacy? Dont worry about Brindha. She will be fine.I guess she is doing some experiments on herself"

"What do you mean?'

"I think she is trying to learn about herself"

"Whatever. Anyway, Kannan, Did you hear about a woman who has problem forgetting anything?"

"What do you mean by probelem forgetting?'

"She has an extraordinary memory"

"Who is that?"

"She does not want to reveal her name. They call her "AJ" now. She has an unbelievably extraordinary memory"

"Really? How old is she?"

"40-year old woman"

"Are you serious? She may be exaggerating, Stacy"

"She wasn't exaggerating, Kannan"

"How do you know?"

"It is a serious stuff, now. McGaugh and fellow UCI researchers Larry Cahill and Elizabeth Parker have been studying the extraordinary case of AJ who has "nonstop, uncontrollable and automatic" memory of her personal history and countless public events"


"If you randomly pick a date from the past 25 years and ask her about it, she'll usually provide elaborate, verifiable details about what happened to her that day and if there were any significant news events on topics that interested her. She usually also recalls what day of the week it was and what the weather was like"

"jeez, you know it is a torture too. Forgetting things is a gift for us. She is unfortunate"

"You always look at issues in a different angle, Kannan. Yes, I agree it is true that forgetting past is a gift. We dont want to remember the bad, bitter experiences. Nevertheless this is an interesting case for scientists and so they are studying about her seriously"

"The only problem is that nobody can double check her information. We just have to trust her"

"That is true but she does have a problem forgetting Kannan"

"So, How are the Bears doing?"

"I dont watch football, Kannan"

"What do you watch during weekends? Some dirty movies?"


"Is that an Yes?"

"Nope, I watch some romantic comedy movies, Kannan. Mostly rent them"

"I usually own movies I like, Stacy"

"I dont because once I own it, I wont feel like watching it"

"That is true. What is your favorite one?"

"I watched "There is something about Marry" this weekend"

"I love that one"

"You do?"

"That is hilarious, Stacy. Your friend is coming back to get you"

"Stacy! You said you wanted to check out something? It is about time"

"Yeah, I almost forgot, Brindha. I have to go now with Brindha. See you later"

"OK, Bye, Stacy"

-to be continued

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