Monday, October 12, 2009

English கடலை கார்னர் (26)

“Where is your friend today, Stacy?”

“You don’t know? He has gone on a trip to Boston for a week, Brindha”



“Are you telling the truth, Stacy?”

“Do I sound like I am lying? How can he share that with you? You don’t want to talk to him now, right?”

“This is an exception. He should have told me about this trip”

“Call him and ask him then!”

“I will”

“Wait a minute, how can you call him now?”

“Why not?”

“You told him not to talk to you for a week. It is only four days as of now”

“Yeah, but you don’t know something he does”

“What is it?”

“He leaves voice messages to me everyday”


“I am not lying, Stacy”

“I know. Dont worry, Brindha! Kannan will be here soon”

“You lied to me, Stacy!”

“So did you. You never told me about the messages he is leaving. What kind were they?”

“Those are in thamizh" she smiled

“What kind of game you two are playing anyway?”

“I don’t know. Don’t tell him I told you about the messages”

“OK, I wont. What sort of messages are they, Brindha? Tell me bit more about them”

“They are very sexy and caring and, I love them”

“Oh my God!”

“Really good ones. I save them all”

“I could sense that there was something going on like this between you two”

“Have you ever been in this situation?”

“Not like this. But I think I would love this kind of game”

“Kannan is a very interesting personality, Stacy. He knows how to keep a relationship not becoming a boredom”

“I know. This looks childish but interesting too”

“Such a small break helps us understand how much we like talking to each other”

“Hi Stacy and Brindha!”

“Hi Kannan!”

“How is your new boyfriend, Greg, Stacy?”

“I don’t know whether he is my boyfriend. He seems to lie a lot”

“Why? Is he saying “You are beautiful” “I love you so much” and so? LOL”

“Am I not beautiful, Kannan?”

“Of course you are but some men used to tell that to get into your pants”

“Yeah, I know all men are bastards. But some bastards are so loveable too, you see”

“Yeah, Greg is not one of them?”

“Well, I am not sure, Kannan. I suspect very much. I need someone who is loving and caring and trustworthy. The other things are secondary including sex”

“I see, then you have a long wait to find that guy”

“Do you believe what Kannan says, Brindha?”

“I don’t know, Stacy. I hardly know about men" Brindha smiled

“Why don’t you educate us about men, Kannan?”

“Even I don’t understand some men. How can I educate you?”

“What kind you don’t understand?”

“Child abusers, rapists, and some punks in India even pour acid on some girls' face because they did not love these punks or some nonsense?”

“Pouring acid in girls' face!!!”

“I have read some cases and it had happened in India”

“That is cruel, Kannan. I had a good opinion on Indians until now"

“We have worst people as well, Stacy. I am not lying”

“We should lynch such bastards, Kannan!”

“I am with you on this, Stacy. So the point is, it is not that all men understand “what men really are?”. There are some psychos living with us too”

"But you are a loveable SOB, Kannan!"

"Should I take you out for dinner for this compliment, Stacy?"

"Yeah, why not?"

"Your boyfriend might mind"

"Greg? I am going to dump him. I don think I am going to go out with him again"

"That is convenient"

"But we might have another problem. What do you think, Brindha?"

"Hey, leave me out of this, Stacy!" Brindha said.

"You dont mind if I go out with Kannan? LOL"

"You can sleep with him too if you wish!"


"I have to go now" Kannan left abruptly.

-to be continued

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